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The Vagina Blog Podcast is hosted by April Davis and is a safe place for everything women’s health. I cover topics like sex, birth, periods, breastfeeding, body positivity, birth control, and overall good health.

What my listeners are saying...

I've always been insecure about several things but since finding The Vagina Blog I've become so empowered and more aware of my body and the incredible powers I possess. 10/10 recommend to anyone and everyone!


Must listen for people with vaginas!
April’s podcast and Instagram are packed with awesome information for people with vaginas. Seriously some of this info is life changing so check it out, she gets into misconceptions and misinformation we have about our bodies and how they work.


This podcast is changing my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you April for doing this podcast! I have always struggled with monthly yeast infections and always thought this was just the way it was for me, and thought tampons were the only option for me... enter The Vagina Blog Podcast. I am learning so much about how to care for myself in ways that make me want to celebrate my cycle, not curse it. My husband and I have also seen improvements in our marriage. He listens to episodes with me, and both he and I are learning so much about how to connect. Thank you for this podcast!


I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago , but have been dealing with it for so much longer ( obviously unbeknownst to me). Your podcast has been so helpful understanding more about this condition! Thank you so much for talking and interviewing people who care and know how to deal with this!


I love this podcast! It has so much good information that I had never even thought about. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with a lot of info on podcasts, but April keeps it really interesting and relevant to listen to. Definitely recommend!!


So many relevant topics. I consider myself to be a well-informed, sexually literate, intuitive individual and I am in love with all the new perspectives and important information!!! Keep going!


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