About Me

I still remember attending maturation as a kid. I actually raised my hand because I knew that womb was another word for uterus and I kind of can’t believe that my 11 year old self was brave enough to say that aloud. It turned out to be foreshadowing because here I am, happy to talk about the private things we don’t always like to say aloud.

A compelling speaker, creative consultant, visual artist and wordsmith, April Davis has been featured in magazines, on podcasts, and on stage, sharing her wisdom, humor and knowledge as the creator of The Vagina Blog and The Vagina Blog Podcast. Her passion and drive have created an entire community around female body health, as she empowers women and vagina owners to love themselves fully while focusing on bringing light to taboo topics that we just don’t talk enough about, like sex and periods, along with self-love and mental health.

Because of my background in emergency medicine, I spent years working as an assistant to a certified nurse midwife as her second set of hands and as a doula working with my own clients. Seeing women in their full power really inspired me to jump into this space. Between assisting, doulaing and photographing births AND all of the DMs and text messages I get from everyone I know (and many I don’t) asking “is this normal??”… I’ve seen a lot of vaginas.

Female body health isn’t just about vaginas – there’s so much more. Mental health (thank you Bachelors in Psychology), body positivity, menstrual health, feminism, sexual health…and even just yummy recipes for a hormone-supporting smoothie are what my platform is all about.

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Educating the world about vaginas is pretty much a dream come true, so I’ve made it my full-time gig. Ultimately I want to be THE resource for everything you need to know about your vulva and vagina.