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Did you know that your menstrual cycle isn’t just when you have your period? Your cycle lasts the entire month! Each week of the month means different strengths and weaknesses both emotionally and physically.

“Your menstrual cycle relates to everything. It relates to how you eat throughout the month to how you move, to your emotions, your moods, your energy, your gut health, your general passion for life, your creativity, so even though it’s menstrual cycle, it has nothing to do specifically with just your bleeding time, IT’S YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AS A WOMAN.” -Jema Lee

“In July 2019, the US Women’s Soccer team won the World Cup. Their success was, in part, attributed to having tracked each players menstrual cycle and adapting individual training loads and diet accordingly.” Your cycle progresses from phase to phase each month, peaking with ovulation and progressing to menstruation.


  • Learning about how to work WITH your menstrual cycle and all of it’s different phases.
  • Learning to see and utilize the strengths and weaknesses of each phase.
  • Food and exercise suggestions based on the phases of your cycle.
  • A great place to start on your journey to finding inner peace and living cyclically.
  • LIVE on Zoom, meaning you can ask questions and participate!


  • Learning how to use cycle-tracking as birth control.
  • A fully comprehensive class – this is a good taste and great place to start!
  • A passive class on any date – this class is LIVE and only on certain dates!

There is real potential to utilize hormone fluctuations to be more specific and precise about optimizing everything in your life. Each week of the month means different strengths and weaknesses both emotionally and physically and tapping into this super power isn’t just for professional athletes anymore.

While we’re at it, I’d love to talk more about how to make your period more manageable, provide resources for additional help and ultimately help you work with your body instead of against it!

"How have I lived 36 years and never learned this?"
(check out Ashley's tiktok response to my class!)

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