CYCLES: A Chronicle of Cyclical Living

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A Chronicle of Cyclical Living

An easy and proven way to work with your menstrual cycle instead of against it.

CYCLES: A Chronicle of Cyclical Living is an heirloom-quality menstrual cycle tracking journal. Included in the first few pages is a comprehensive tutorial about how to use this journal to live your best cyclical life.


CYCLES includes a daily gratitude practice, daily goals practices and space for journaling.


Designed with quality in mind, CYCLES is printed on quality paper – no bleeding through these pages!

Each page includes space to track the date, cycle day, moon phase, cervical mucus, basal body temperature, bleeding status, gratitude, feelings, goals, symptoms, activity/exercise, appetite/cravings, supplements/meds, libido, sexual activity, sleep, energy and stress levels.

Included in the back are Fertility Awareness Method style cycle pages to see the entire cycle on one page and a cycle summary page including reminders for self-breast exams, review and goal setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the journal dated?

No. It was designed specifically so you can jump in at any time! And if you miss a few days (or months) you can start right up where you left off.

I don't menstruate - could I still use this journal?

Yes! Many people have used this to live cyclically, with or without a physical period. With spaces to track the moon cycles, set goals, keep a gratitude practice and more, this isn't just for menstruators.

Is this journal appropriate for teens?

Yes! I purposely left the section to mark sexual activity ambiguous - it's a heart that can be filled in (or not!) Teaching your teen now about how to track their cycle is a great habit for them to start.

Can I buy these in bulk?

Yes! Purchase 4 or more to get wholesale pricing.

I'm not trying to get pregnant, should I still track my fertility signs?

Tracking your fertility signs (temperature, cervical mucus, bleeding, symptoms, etc) is an excellent way to get in touch with your overall health and is not only useful to those trying to get pregnant.

Do you explain somewhere how to use this journal?

Yes! The first few pages are full of sample pages, tutorials and best practices for living cyclically.