How do I find a bra that fits? I\’ll tell you!  Bra fitting is something that I\’m pretty passionate about.  After working at Victoria\’s Secret and Motherhood Maternity fitting bras, I just can\’t even when I see a girl walking around with an ill-fitting bra ESPECIALLY if it\’s obviously uncomfortable.  I want to run up to everyone and tell them, but I have found that complete strangers do not take this very well.  I have been following Courtney on instagram (@brafittingsbycourt) and I have been so impressed with her abilities and her amazing body-positive vibe.  She\’s made bra-fitting her full time gig and is definitely the woman to talk to!  I just had to reach out to her and share her expertise with you all!  After receiving some questions, I added a few of my own and she was happy to answer them all!


Where do I start? Ideally we\’d all love to be fitted by you, but if I\’m not located in Utah who should I trust with my boobies? Can I measure myself?

I\’d schedule an one-on-one bra fitting or an online consultation with me .  I do them all of the time with women around the country. So if you need help and don\’t live in Utah, I can help you.

Do you have a favorite general bra brand? Does that change with different sized breasts?

That really depends on the size and your breast shape.  One thing a lot of women don\’t realize is one brand might not work for every woman.  The better quality bra brands I carry in my shop, each of them specialize in a specific need or breast shape.  I haven\’t found a brand I recommend for every woman because women are so different and uniquely shaped.  This is why I have over 8 brands in my shop to accommodate all of the different sizes and shapes.
I really like Sculptresse for larger women who are busty.  Panache for small bands and large cups sizes  Natori for shallow breast shapes up to a G.  Anita for fuller shaped breasts up to GG.  Cake Maternity and Anita for nursing bras.

What recommendations do you have for styles vs boobs? When would I choose a balconette over a bralette, etc?

This depends on your breast shape and what you find comfortable.  I have a Fit Guide you can purchase where I go over the different breast shapes and the bras I recommend for each breast shape.  For an example for fuller breast shapes, I\’d go with full coverage.  For shallow breast shapes I\’d go with a balconette, plunge or demi.

What are sister sizes?

Sister sizes are sizes that are the same cup size but different band sizes.  So for an example the following sizes are the same cup sizes, but they\’re different band sizes:


So how bra sizing works is the larger the band, the larger the cups sizes AND the smaller the band size, the smaller the cup size.  So cup sizes aren\’t stagnant in band sizes.  For an example, a 34D and a 32D aren\’t the same cup or band size.  A 34D is a cup size larger than a 32D because it\’s a band size bigger.
By understanding sister sizes can help you to know when you go up a band size, you have to go down a cup size to compensate the difference.  Let\’s say you try a 32DD and the band feels too snug but the cups fit great.  You would go to the sister size of 34D instead.

How do I accommodate my breasts as they change through my cycle??

If your breast change that drastically during your cycle, go get fitted while you\’re on your cycle and find the size you are when you\’re on your period and wear that bra you only wear during your cycle so you\’re not falling out of your bra during your period.

What recommendations do you have when it comes to sports bras?

First, let me tell you what I don\’t recommend.  Don\’t buy sports bras that come in S, M, L, XL, XXL that you pull over your head.  These are the worst type of sports bras and they don\’t support boobs.  They also give you an ugly uniboob. What I recommend are encapsulated sports bras or bras that come in a bra size, like a 32G, 34D, or 38C.  Encapsulated sports bras are bras that have a separate cup for each breast, this is going to help prevent bouncing and keep them in place when you\’re active.  By going this route, your bra is going to fit you and give you the support you need.  If you\’re doing high impact sports it\’s so important to wear a supportive and well fitting sports bra because if you don\’t you can tear the ligaments in your breasts and that causes premature sagging.
The sports bras I recommend my clients are the following Sculptresse Non Padded Sports BraPanache Sports BraAnita Air Control, and Anita Momentum.

And here\’s a few specific questions that you all submitted and she answered:

I swear I get fitted for bras but THEY NEVER FIT!!!  Either I’m too wide, but don’t fill the cup. Too tight, but the cup fits awesome… and then hormones!! Boobs are constantly changing. So Question- where is the compromise? Can there be a compromise besides going braless forever. 🤦🏼‍♀️

To answer your first question.  I\’m sorry, and you\’re not alone.  99% of the women I fit are wearing the wrong size or wearing the wrong type of bra for their breast shape.  This is why taking the time and spending a little extra to be fitted by a professional is so so so important.  They\’re trained to understand how to fit, how bra sizing works, they understand the different breast shapes and brands and types of bras that are going to fit you best.  When you go to a professional you\’re going to save a lot of time and money because instead of buying a dozen bras and not finding one you like and taking the time to return them all, a professional bra fitter should be able to find you a bra that fits less than 30 minutes.
What I tell women who are in a transitional period is get fitted often and buy what you need.  So what this looks like is to go get professionally fitted, buy 1-2 bras in that new size, and when you notice your bras don\’t fit as well, go get refitted and buy another 1-2 bras.  Keep doing this until you\’re at a point you know you\’re not going to be changing sizes.

Where is the best place to get fitted and buy good bras for + size women?

Me.. 🙂 Any bra boutique and if you don\’t have any of those then go to Nordstrom.  Even at Nordstrom you can get someone who isn\’t experienced enough so it\’s hit and miss at department stores.

So…I’ve been bra measured multiple times, at multiple places. I always come up as a 34 D. But, my breasts are always puffing out the top of my bra, in an un-sexy muffin top fashion. It’s super noticeable under my shirt and I’m over it. Any tips on getting a better bra fit? This happens regardless of the style of bra that I wear, except sports bras (of course).

I would recommend going up to a 34DD.  It sounds crazy but when you go up a cup size, you\’re going to get more coverage on the side of the breast and therefore that muffin top should go away.

Have more questions?  Email Courtney at or set up a consultation!

I will be doing a follow-up post with Courtney about Maternity and Nursing Bras, so please submit your questions by emailing me:!

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