Ever wondered what the difference is between oil-based and water-based lubricant (we\’re not going to get into silicone-based today, but that exists too!).  I wanted to know and Coconu was more than happy to send me some to try!  Coconu uses the natural, proven benefits of coconut oil and coconut water to work for you in simple-to-use organic personal lubricants.

The most important aspect of choosing a lube is the ingredient list! Do your research and find out if there are any chemicals, toxins, or ingredients you don\’t want on or in your body. The second aspect of choosing a lube is deciding the purpose for the lube and then how you want it to feel.

Coconu is all about simplicity and is created to last as long as you do. Their lubes are formulated from organic coconut oil, organic coconut water, and other natural ingredients including organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic sunflower oil, and organic shea butter—allowing you to put the natural, proven benefits of coconut oil or coconut water to work for you.  It makes me SO HAPPY because there is no silicone, no parabens, no propylene glycol, no glycerin. No synthetics of any kind.

So let\’s talk about lubes!


Coconu Oil Based is an organic personal lubricant that literally melts into your skin. It has a silky smooth texture that will stimulate your senses while the organic ingredients provide real, natural health benefits.  When used in conjunction with water based lubricants, oil based lubricants can have a more natural feel, and provide longer lasting lubrication. (love LOVE mixing them together!) They can also be used for water play.

Oil based lubricants are nice because they are long-lasting and silky smooth.  They are also highly beneficial for your skin, and they moisturize and enhance the comfort of your sexual play, encouraging long-lasting pleasure.  The thicker consistency of oil based lubricants makes them ideal and safe for play with anal toys.

Other benefits of Oil Based Coconu:

Many fans of oil-base lube love the natural feel and how it supplements the body\’s lubrication. Translation – it doesn\’t feel like you\’ve added anything, but it makes sex better. Oil-based lube is mainly for sexual partners who aren\’t using latex condoms, as oil can destroy latex.  Oil based lubricants are not safe to use with condoms!



Coconu Water Based has a silky, sensuous feel that provides extremely realistic lubrication that\’s safe with all condoms. It moisturizes your sensitive areas while giving you a boost during your most intimate moments.  Water based lubricants are the most versatile of all the lubricant types as they are safe for all sexual activities, even for use with silicone toys.  Water based lubricants also have the added benefit of being incredibly easy to wash off after use, and free of any residue.

Water based lubricants can sometimes dry out a little.  This is one reason I love mixing water and oil based (I feel like it\’s the best of both worlds) Other than that, you have two options- you either re-apply more water-based lubricant, or add a sprinkle of water to re-activate that smooth and silky feeling.

Other benefits of Water Based Coconu:

Coconu is safe, gentle and natural, so it\’s perfect for those who care about what goes on, and in, their bodies.  And I care what goes in my body and you should too!  Go check out Coconu and let me know what you think!