Burgess Powell owns Casco Cup, a USA owned menstrual cup company that makes everything in house. Their entire mission is to empower women with quality menstrual cups at factory direct prices. Burgess loves to educate and teach people how to use menstrual cups and loves working in the menstrual cup market.

You have to go into using a menstrual cup like you did when you were 13 and your only choice if you wanted to go to the pool party was to figure out a tampon. You just have to have that same drive. We didn’t master tampons the first time, we didn’t figure out the correct absorbency the first time, we had to use them over and over again, sometimes for years before we really got good at them. It kills me when people try a cup once and say “It didn’t work great, I’m just going to go back to what I know.” You have to do it enough to get the hang of it.

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