Lily, owner of MedAmour has been helping folks, couples, and primarily women or vagina owners find comfort, empowerment, and pleasure in their intimate health and sexual wellness. She is most passionate about learning about the different challenges and health conditions our bodies experience through like aging, pregnancies, periods, menopause, post surgeries/cancers, which cause low libido, dyspareunia, vaginismus, incontinence….. how do we self-care, take care of our vulva, clitoris, pelvic muscles to enhance better sex lives?

MedAmour is an online resource that shares educational information on sexual health conditions AND offers a boutique shop of high-quality products that are all body safe, if not medical grade, naturally clean or organic for lubricants, and an array of book offerings! Check it out!

I ask Lily:

How did you get started with MedAmour?

We talk about lubricants and sex toys.

We talk about how toys can be helpful to those using SSRIs.

We break down some of the myths around sex toy use.

Let’s talk about the different kinds of sex toys – not all of them are vibrators!

Toys are not just for vaginas, they’re for penis’ and anus’ too!

Can toys be used during intercourse?


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