Gabrielle Stanley Blair is the author of the book, Ejaculate Responsibly: A Whole New Way To Think About Abortion — available for pre-order now. She is also the founder of Started in 2006, it has been named a Website of the Year by Time Magazine, praised as a top parenting blog by The Wall Street Journal, Parents, and Better Homes & Gardens, and won the Iris Award for Blog of the Year. Her first book, Design Mom: How to Live with Kids, a New York Times Bestseller, was published in 2015 by Artisan. Gabrielle is also a founder of Alt Summit, the blockbuster annual conference for online content creators and creative entrepreneurs, currently in its 13th year.

As a thought leader for over 15 years, Gabrielle has written and moderated hundreds of discussions on difficult topics, and interviewed some of the most influential people in the world. Her writing is quoted and shared across the globe daily. Gabrielle and her husband, Ben Blair, have six children — Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty, and Flora June. After six years in Oakland, they moved to a small town in Normandy, France where they are renovating a house from the 1600s. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Over 6000 blog posts and two books later, Gabrielle is considered a top expert in creating accessible conversations about hard topics, parenting engaged and independent kids, and creating a home where both parents and kids can thrive. Endlessly curious, she shares projects she’s working on, starts discussions about newsworthy topics, amplifies women’s voices, introduces new ideas and cool discoveries, and lends her passion for engaged parenting to everyone who reads her work.

Gabrielle is a mother of six with a BFA in graphic design who has raised her family on both coasts and across the ocean. The family spent 8 years in New York, then moved to Denver, Colorado for 1.5 years, then Normandy, France for 2.5 years, then Oakland, California for 6 years, and then back to Normandy in September 2019. You can follow along with the on-going renovations of their house, built in the 1600s.

I ask Gabby about:

The cultural differences in how we approach nudity and sex.

How to talk to your kids about sex.

Her very important abortion thread that went viral.

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