I get many, many questions about plastic surgery, so I felt like it was time to pull in an expert! I’ve been very Dr. H. Elise Min is a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, with specializations in breast reconstruction, microsurgery, and aesthetic breast and body surgery. She is known for consistently beautiful results and an exceptional level of patient care with an emphasis on informing and educating patients.

Dr. Min has numerous publications and presentations, and her research in surgical education won an excellence in research award at the American College of Surgeons. She served as a medical education research fellow at the Academy at Harvard Medical School and a resident representative at Association for American Medical Colleges. Her interests in surgical education translate to her commitment to informing and educating her patients and adapting treatment plans to the individual patient’s need and desire, resulting in aesthetic harmony and balance.

Dr. Min’s surgical practice focuses on breast and body surgery. She has worked with thousands of breast patients. She is meticulous and thorough during consults, taking time to clearly discuss all options and ensure all her patients’ questions are answered.

I asked Dr Min about:

Her background and how she got into the profession of plastic surgery.
What should patients be looking for in a plastic surgeon?
Breast reductions, breast augmentations and replacing/revamping previous breast augmentations.
Do breast reductions potentially cause issues with breastfeeding?
Do you see decreased nipple sensitivity with breast reductions or breast augmentations?
What improvements have you seen in the world of plastic surgery since it was pioneered?
What does the process of having a procedure done look like? Walk me through…
What are some misconceptions coming from reality tv?
Do you feel like you suffer from extra pressure as a plastic surgeon to look a certain way?
If someone has breast implants, what are some warning signs that something has gone wrong (ie rupture, silicone leaking, etc)?

Dr Min is located in Beverly Hills California, and you can find her practice at https://www.drcassileth.com/

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