Kate Morton is a registered dietitian and owner and founder of Funk It Wellness. After years of struggling with the many life-altering side effects of birth control, she decided enough was enough. She wanted to embrace her period and learn about her cycle. After stopping birth control her period decided to ghost me for 6 months which really freaked her out! When it finally did return, it was horrific. Ear-to-ear hormonal acne, thinning hair, cramps so bad I couldn’t go to work, and intense mood swings. After doing tons of research and looking for food-based approaches to menstrual health (putting her dietitian degree to good use) she was introduced to seed cycling. TBH she didn’t believe it would work but she was desperate. After 3 months her acne, cramps and mood had done a total 360 and she knew she had to share that method with other menstruators! Her goal is to make Funk It a safe nutrition-backed space for anyone struggling with hormone imbalance so we can honor our cycles and bodies.

I ask Kate:

How did you get into what you’re doing?

We talk about the need for fiber in hormone balancing.

We talk about the harmful effects of hormonal birth control and being pro-knowledge, not anti-birth control.

Let’s unpack misogyny in medicine.

Let’s talk about how our nutrition affects our hormones and PMS.

Let’s talk about detoxing naturally, for free (drink some water and eat some fiber).

How can I get started with seed cycling and how does it work?

Where can we find you?

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