Jema Lee is an expert in living your best life through your menstrual cycle. She works as a women’s health educator. She’s worked exclusively with women for the last 7 years and has worked in the health field for 14. She does ayurvedic coaching and psychology, chakra and spiritual work and nutrition. Nutrition is where she started and she saw how many people were not helped well and wanted to provide better support. She has PCOS and has gone through the work of rebalancing her body through getting to know her cycle.

Your menstrual cycle relates to everything. It relates to how you eat throughout the month to how you move, to your emotions, your moods, your energy, your gut health, your general passion for life, your creativity, so even though it’s menstrual cycle, it has nothing to do specifically with just your bleeding time, IT’S YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AS A WOMAN.

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