Cory Ruth is a Registered Dietician with a Masters Degree in Nutritional Science. She began her career as a chef in food service and transitioned to working in a Women’s Health Clinic with OB/GYNs and loved working with women and endocrinology and that’s what led her to starting her own private practice as The Women’s Dietician.

I ask Cory Ruth:

How do we know what diet to do? What are the pro/cons of some of these different “fad” diets? (including Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic Diet, quitting gluten/dairy)
How can we use our diet to help support a healthy menstrual cycle and ovulation? Ovulating is so good for us, how can we help support that happening?
For the average female that wants to take better care of herself but doesn’t know where to start, what do you recommend?
And much more!

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