Ever wonder what you should use for your menstrual cycle?  Here\’s the ultimate chart explaining all different kinds of methods to managing your period!  Tampons are the standard go-to, and pads are a staple, but have you ever considered trying a menstrual disc or cup?  Sea sponges have been used for centuries to manage periods!  Never heard of some of these things?  Leave your questions below!

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  1. What is free bleeding? I guess I understand from context what it “means”, but how does that work? Do you just bleed all over everything?

    1. Freebleeding is just that, bleeding out without using “sanitary products.” Most women that freebleed just sit on a towel or something absorbent and typically do it at home. Many (including myself) consider wearing period panties like THINX freebleeding because you’re simply wearing panties that are absorbent!