I still remember attending maturation as a kid.  I actually raised my hand because I knew that womb was another word for uterus and I kind of can\’t believe that my 11 year old self was brave enough to say that aloud.  It turned out to be foreshadowing because here I am, happy to talk about the private things we don\’t always like to say aloud.

Between attending births as a doula, a photographer and a birth assistant to a midwife I have seen a lot of vaginas.  I\’ve discussed and researched everything from urinary incontinence to postpartum sex positions.  My friends and family send me pictures of pussy wallets, plush uteri and hilarious sex books.  I spent a weekend at a conference for sex therapists and truly thought I had found my people.  Writing about vaginas is pretty much a dream come true.  So I\’m making it my full time gig.

Have questions I could write about?  Message me!  I\’ll be covering topics like maturation and menstruation, incontinence and pessaries, sex before, during and after pregnancy and more.  I\’m hoping to provide entertainment and education around topics we could all use more information about.

So wish me luck on my newest venture and share with your friends!  It\’s going to be a wild ride.